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I was reading this book that I'd borrowed from the library called 500 Beauty Solutions (it's a book with a bunch of Q&A's regarding your beauty problems from hair to nails, even your eye brows and skin) and while I was reading some interesting questions I thought maybe some of you may be asking the same and been looking for an answer on how to do this and that, and so I decided to write a post about it.


Q. Can I use permanent hair color on eyelashes and brows?

A. There are special products designed specifically for coloring eye brows and lashes. Ask your stylist to color your brows at the time you are having your hair colored. Regular permanent, semipermanent or in between type hair color should not be used, however, because they can be very harmful if they get in the eyes.

I've been seeing a lot of videos on the internet of some girls actually recommending to dye their eye brows using permanent hair color as an apparently cheaper alternative to achieve that perfect, eye brows on fleek look, I wouldn't jump on the idea without knowing some facts first though so seeing this question in the book is kind of a savior.


Multitude of brushes, combs, clamps, rollers, picks and pins.

Q. What are those round balls on the bristles of my hair brush?

A. The round balls are epoxy ball tips. The brush is dipped into the epoxy which creates the tiny balls. They help the brush glide through the hair more easily and prevent abrasions to the scalp, breaking or pulling of hair.

Q. What type of brush will make my hair shine?

Spornette #25 Boar Brush
A. Boar bristle brushes make hair shine because they help pick up and distribute the hair and scalp's natural oils along the hair shaft as well as pull dirt or dust particles off the hair. A good one to try is Spornette #25 Boar Brush.

Q. Best brush for curly hair?

Spornette RPB Round Brush
A. Generally, curly hair should not be brushed unless you intend to straighten it. In this case, the best brush is a natural reinforced boar brush, such as Spornette RPB Round Brush or Jerome Alexander Reinforced Boar Rounder.

Q. What are picks for?

A. Picks are used to lift hair for volume and body. They finish a style or build fullness into the style without pulling the curl out. Picks are great detanglers when hair is wet. Try Mebco's small, medium or large picks.

Q. Should I share my brushes and combs?

A. Sharing brushes and combs is definitely not recommended for health and sanitation reasons.

Q. When should combs be used?

A. Combs are best used on damp, towel dried hair for combing through tangles. Combs are also used for sectioning hair, and can also be used on dry, short hair to fix a hairstyle. Wide-toothed combs are best for detangling hair. Basic combs include the Straflight Styling Comb and Rattail Combs.


Q. Is there a shampoo that will make my hair grow faster?

A. No shampoo will grow hair, but there are several that help add fullness and that clean well to keep scalp healthy and which aid in allowing hair to grow faster.

Q. What is an "everyday" shampoo?

A. Although most shampoos are designed to be used everyday, there are some products designated as everyday or lighter formula shampoos. These shampoos are usually milder and have a slightly acid pH level that hair likes. Light formulas are good for fine, wavy or curly hair that is flattened overnight and needs to be fluffed up by shampooing. The most important thing to remember is choosing a shampoo that fits your hair type.

Q. What are the benefits of natural sources such as botanicals, eggs, honey, aloe vera, etc., in shampoo?

A. Natural source botanicals add proteins and conditioning agents to shampoo. They may be derived from plant and vegetable extracts or other sources. The benefit to hair is that they are proteins and moisture in a natural state.

Q. My hair is straight, fine and very thin. Is there a particular shampoo that will give my hair body and fullness?

A. The key ingredient is panthenol (Vitamin B-5) which acts to "plump up" the hair shaft.

Q. What shampoo is best for color treated or permed hair?

A. Shampoos that are designed to control color loss are lower in pH, ranging from 2.5 to 4, which forces the cuticle of the hair to close, thus enabling the hair to retain its color.

Images are not mine, credits to it's owners. These Q&A'a are taken from the book 500 Beauty Solutions by Beth Barrick-Hickey.

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