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Hey guys!

About a week ago I went to the nearest store to go buy some materials that I needed for school when I walked past Watson and saw that they had this table lined up at the front of their store with this sign that says "For Sale". Being the curious person that I am and the love I have for Watson I immediately went to it and saw a bunch of makeup products being sold at a cost of at least PHP 300 (about $6) and below.

I was on budget since I only went to the store just to get materials but I managed to buy two makeup products that I was running out of and another two eyeshadow palettes. Most of the products that I bought are from Ever Bilena and the total money that I spent was only PHP 410 (about $ 8.23).

This is the Ever Bilena Lip and Cheek Tint in the shade of red that I got for only PHP 75 (about $ 1.50). This is actually the first time that I've ever used a lip tint, I've been hearing a lot about them from my favorite Filipina YouTuber Michelle Dy so I decided to buy it when I saw it.

It has a really nice strawberry scent to it when I took a whiff but when I accidentally licked my lips it had an odd taste to it which I don't like. Other than that I think the product is pretty good.

This is also from Ever Bilena Perfect Eye Concealer that I got for PHP 100 (about $2).

Regarding its shade I don't know if they have any other one's because that was the only thing that I saw, but since it's a concealer I believe it comes with other shades as well so we'll see about that.

I took a swatch of the concealer on my wrist and as you can see it doesn't look like my shade but when I blended it, It blended perfectly with my skin and also it had a sort of a creamy texture to it.

The only thing that I am worried about is how they feel "sticky" on my face, maybe it's because I haven't put any foundation on before trying it on or maybe because I haven't set it with a powder. Or maybe it's because it's creamy? I don't know but either way I won't be buying this concealer again, it doesn't suit my skin.

This one is from Careline a Pocket Palette Eyeshadow, Midnight Magic that I got for only PHP 85 (about $1.71).

It's literally a pocket sized palette you guys, it fits perfectly in the palm of my hands. It is made for those of you who travel a lot, it doesn't take up too much space in your makeup bag which is perfect if you don't want to carry a lot of makeup.

As you can see I took a swatch on my arm and was quite surprise to see that it was pigmented. I didn't really expected it to be like that to which I am happy about. 

I have no problem with this product I think it's really nice and it's really cute, and plus it is only for PHP 85 which is nice.

This eyeshadow palette on the other hand is from Ever Bilena again that I got for PHP 150 (about $3). They had a lot of variations but I chose this palette with colors that are neutral brown, black, and white to keep it simple.

This palette is not that big nor small, a perfect size to bring with you everywhere you go if you want to touch up your makeup. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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