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4:37 AM

Hey guys!

Today I went to the store in search for affordable makeup products that is substantially essential with our daily lives, a pocket-friendly price that students such as myself could afford, or products that you could easily buy (without having to worry about spending too much) and easily replace when you run out of it.

So the products that I had bought are the following:

•Eyebrow Pencil
•Face Powder
•Beauty Blender

I was able to find these products at Watsons. Thank God they had it otherwise it would've been difficult for me to find products like these.

Primer (Careline Oil Control Liquid Makeup)

I got this primer from Careline on the shade "Oriental", it is apparently formulated with lightweight textures that glide onto the skin. This luxurious foundation is blended with an active ingredient that absorbs excess oil through the day and contains natural Vitamin E that keeps your skin moist, leaving a smooth illuminating finish that lasts all day– so it says in the box.

I'm so happy with this product because I only got to spend PHP 90 (about USD 1.82) on this. Plus when I tried it on, I believe it was what you call lightweight on the face it didn't feel heavy at all so I will give it a two thumbs up for that. It had great coverage too which is great for a pocket-friendly product.

Eyebrow Pencil (Ever Bilena Advance Perfect Eyebrow)

This product I particularly like because when I tried it, it was really pigmented so you don't have to press too hard to get the color going on. It had many shades so you have a lot of options but I got myself a dark brown. It's really easy to use.

I only got to spend PHP 60 (about USD 1.22) on this can you believe it? Yeah, me neither. Giving this four thumbs up for sure. And by the way, I got this from Ever Bilena.

Face Powder (Careline Oil Control Face Powder)

So I got this product from Careline too and notice how both products says "oil control". Yes, my face tends to get pretty oily as my day goes by especially around the nose so I'm really hoping this product does what it says in the box which are Careline Oil Control Face Powder is specially formulated for teens to keep their skin shine-free and moisturized all day long. This light and natural looking powder has an oil control formula enriched with Vitamin E. 

I think I got the wrong shade on this one which is "Honey". It made my face look whiter than it normally is and I had to blend it just so that it would settle on my face. I would've given it a thumbs up if it weren't for my mistake in getting the wrong shade.

I only got this for PHP 100 (about USD 2.03).

Beauty Blender

I got this for only PHP 150 (about USD 3.04). It was slightly a lot cheaper than the other beauty blenders that I saw which were PHP 199 (about USD 4.03). But this came with a cleansing soap unlike the other blenders.

Overall, I spent less than PHP 500 (about USD 10.03) today which I am pretty happy about. These items are an essential to my everyday student life, although we are allowed to wear makeup at school I still think with these items and a concealer and a lipstick or lipbalm I am good to go. 

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