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Hey guys!

Today I'm going to be blogging about something different from the usual posts that I do (makeup product reviews etc.) and it's something that I've learned recently from my visit to our school library.

I was quite shocked and interested to see a shelf dedicated to beauty tips, makeup tips, how to make your own makeup, and all those kinds of books. Of course, I immediately thought that this would be an awesome and interesting topic that many beginners and probably even experts would find interesting so here we are!


Now we all know that the golden rule for concealer is to choose the right shade for your skin tone. As many of you know concealers come in many tones and textures, from liquids and creams to sticks and compacts. 

According to my research, the best concealer comes in a compact of two colors that can be used individually, layered to build up cover or blended for a perfect color match. Use the lighter, pinker color to cover dark under eye circles which have a blue undertone and the yellow-toned flesh color to conceal spots and broken capillaries, which have red undertones.

Here are some tips for choosing the right concealer for you:
•Make sure the concealer is not too light for your skin, as this will accentuate blemishes and dark circles.
•Liquid concealers are the sheerest and are ideal if you have very fair skin.
•If your skin is medium to dark, creamier compact or stick concealers will tend to work better.

Using a stiff flat synthetic brush or the pad of your finger, press concealer into the skin with firm pats. Use a twisting motion to work it into the skin and ensure you are not wiping it on and then off.

For very light coverage, use concealer on its own without foundation. Cover a spot or any patches of discoloration with concealer, then set with a light dusting of sheer translucent powder.

For more coverage, apply foundation and let it soak into the skin. Then apply the concealer, patting it in very lightly to avoid wiping off the foundation underneath. Blend the edges well and set it with powder.

We all have that certain spot on our face that we would want to try and cover up such as spots (pimples), dark circles, and eye bags etc. Well, here are some recommended types of concealers that would definitely help you with those problems.

Use a firm creamy concealer– anything that dries to a powdery finish will look flaky and make the spot obvious. If you have a raised pimple, use a yellow-toned concealer that's slightly darker than your skin.

Dab the concealer on with your finger or a brush. Then gently apply foundation , covering the blending edges of the concealer. Leave it to absorb and then set it with a powder.

Dark Circles
Depending on your skin tone, try a concealer with a pink, peach, or yellow undertone to neutralize the blue and green in the under eye circles. Light-reflecting ingredients will help to downplay dark circles.

Powder Application

Use a flat brush with soft dense natural bristles. Dip the brush lightly into the powder and blow or tap off the excess. Sweep it lightly over your face to set foundation.

If you are prone to shine like me, the area to focus on with a smaller brush is the central cross of the face. Load the brush with powder and tap off the excess, then work it into the skin with a polishing action, using small circular motions.

Be careful when applying powder under the eyes. Use a small brush and stretch the skin gently with your fingers to ensure the powder is blended and doesn't exaggerate fine lines. 

Cross of the face

These wonderful information is all thanks to the book that I've read, I will include the title of the book and the author. The images are not mine (credits to the owners).

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