Review: Nose Pore Strip

12:00 AM

Hey guys!

Today I'm going to be talking about this nose pore strip that I had bought in our local store Watson for only PHP 119 (about USD 2.45). It is slightly more expensive compare to the usual strip that I buy (PHP 109) but it's only a PHP 10 (about USD 0.21) difference so no biggie. 

This Nose Pore Strip is apparently made in Korea. It contains charcoal powder which has strong blackhead removal and oil absorption properties with added Witch Hazel Extract to leave our pores clean. 

The difference this has with the usual pore strip that I buy is, besides the price, the number of strips this contain is lesser than the usual pore strip that I buy. This contains ten and the other contains 12. 

The strip pretty much has the same shape and size as the ones I've tried before so there's nothing new about that. 

In the end I think it did a pretty good job at removing my blackheads. 

I noticed that after removing it there was a scent lingering, it smelled good I must say. So overall, I'm going to give this a two thumbs up. 

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