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Hey guys!

For those of you who don't know what Shopee PH is, it is a mobile app where you can buy and sell things like makeup product, bag, clothes, and even accessories etc., exclusively in the Philippines.

While browsing through Facebook I came across an ad for this and saw that they were selling makeup brushes, and at that time I was really desperate into buying one so I decided to give the app a try. Luckily, it was a free app so there's that.

There was so many options, products to choose from I didn't exactly know where to start. I was overwhelmed. Yes, I actually forgot why I downloaded the app in the first place.

Anyway so I was browsing the makeup section when I came across a user who was selling this 10 pieces of makeup brush set for only PHP 299 (about USD 6)! I mean can you imagine that. I was expecting these type of deals to be around PHP 700 or more with the amount of brushes but wow, this was a good deal.

Of course I immediately put that on my cart.

Since I was new to Shopee PH they had sent me a welcoming message and a PHP 100 off discount to the total amount of price that I will buy. And since I only had one item on my cart, the makeup brushes, I decided to why not browse some more.

I stumbled upon this bag called the Unisex Anello Two way Backpack and Handbag, or at least that's what it says on the Title of the product. It had multiple choice regarding its color, but I chose the red and white one because I think it's really pretty. And indeed it was when I got it. The bag cost about PHP 399 (about USD 8.02) which is crazy! Because it's cheap and yet it's really cute and fashionable.

Unbranded Kabuki Brushes Set 
PHP 299
@kirsten (Shopee Account)

 Brushes includes the following:
Flat Angled
Small Tapered 
Small Round
Small Angled
Small Flat
Small Flat Angled

Unisex Anello Backpack 
PHP 399
@zenphyre_mktg (Shopee Account)

Unfortunately when I went to check if the Kabuki Brushes were still available, they are all sold out. 

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