Fashion 21 Color Set #2 Review

7:59 PM

Hey guys!

How was your Christmas? Mine was absolutely great because I got to spend it with my family complete this year to which I am so happy about. I wanted to do a quick review on this eyeshadow palette that I got for Christmas from a friend. I wouldn't be able to include how much this cost since like I said, I got this as a present.

This is an eyeshadow palette from Fashion 21. I think it's a local brand here in the Philippines, I'm not really sure since it doesn't come up in the search bar whenever I try to search about its origin. Forever 21 keeps popping up instead so I gave up on knowing.

The palette has 48 shades, each one doesn't have a specific name to them just numbers as you can see in the picture below.

I tried to do a swatch on my arm but for some reason they all came out very light. Maybe because I didn't pressed on very well, I kind of didn't want to ruin the palette. But when I applied it on over my eyelids, it was pigmented and I really like the colors.

I can definitely see myself making a makeup tutorial using this palette very soon.

I like the fact that it comes with two applicators though I wouldn't use it on myself and instead use the Kabuki Brush that I've bought, I would probably use it when I forget my makeup brushes or when I want to save space in my makeup bag when travelling. I also like the mirror it comes with it's really useful.

Overall, I really liked this gift so thank you so much for giving this to me Micah!

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