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Hey guys!

No words can express how much I am happy right now. I just got a delivery from Shopee PH, like I've said in my previous post Shopee PH is an online shop where you can buy and sell things exclusively here in the Philippines.

My mother's birthday is coming up so my brother and I decided that we would buy our mom something online because we can't go out without our mom having to tag along us. I knew how much my mom wanted a branded bag so we browsed through that first but unfortunately none of them were in reach on our budget, so we decided to move on to the next thing she wants which is makeup.

I was lucky enough to find a page where if you buy products that costs PHP 250 (about $5) and up from their shop, the shipping fee will be free. And I felt even more lucky when I found out that they were selling Kylie Jenner's Matte Liquid Lipstick Birthday Edition for only PHP 200 and that's about $4 you guys.

Of course I immediately put that on the cart, I mean who wouldn't?

Then I saw this Too Faced "No Makeup" Makeup Palette and immediately fell in love. The best part is it was only for PHP 120 (about $2.42). I also bought this Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade Loyal for only I think it was around PHP 55 (about $1.11) I'm not sure.

Too Faced "No Makeup" Makeup Palette

This Makeup Palette came with a really cute packaging, the reason why I fell in love with it in the first place. I actually wasn't expecting it to be smaller than my expectations regarding its size but who am I to complain when it fits perfectly inside my bag.

The palette has a concealer, luminizer, brightener, creme blush, blush, and a bronzing veil. I don't know if you could see the swatches, I can hardly see it myself. I didn't press too hard in fear of ruining the palette, I mean hello I just got them.

I am very excited to use this palette and I can't wait to see the outcome when it's actually on my face.

Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick

For something that cost me around PHP 55 ($1.11) I was actually surprise that this has a nice scent to it when I took a whiff, I can't really tell what but I am addicted. The shade is lovely too.

Kylie Jenner's Matte Liquid Lipstick Birthday Edition 

Now I know some of you might feel sketchy about this whole thing, I mean normally Kylie Jenner's Matte Liquid Lipstick Birthday Edition would cost around more or less PHP 1700 ($34) and you might think the one that I bought is fake but let's face it; It clearly is.

But nonetheless it's the quality that we are hoping is good no matter how cheap the product is, if the quality is great and if you're a great makeup artist, you can make the product look ten times more expensive than the original price that you've bought it.

Of course I don't want to give this to my mother not knowing whether or not if it's safe so I decided to test two of them myself. 

Here is a swatch of Dolce K and Koko K [also Loyal from Meet Matt(e) Hughes]. In my opinion unless you know and memorize the shade by heart you wouldn't notice the difference between this fake one and the real one. But since I have laid out the pictures below you could clearly and easily see the difference between the two shades. Otherwise, I think they're pretty similar.

Anyway the set includes the shades Koko K, Dolce K, Expose, Kristen, Candy K, and Leo. (Credits to the owner of the picture below mine.)

Someday I would love to give my mom the real deal like that is just my goal x.

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