Bazaar Blast!

1:05 AM

Hey guys!

It's been roughly around two weeks since I've last posted here on my blog. I might sound like I'm about to exaggerate but let me tell you, it literally feels like I haven't posted in a month or two. I have two reasons why (a) I was busy with school and (b) I haven't got any inspirations lately and I got discourage by accidentally deleting the post that was supposed to go up two weeks ago. But anyway, I'm back!

Two weeks ago, my family and I went to Nuvali Ayala Malls Sta. Rosa to celebrate the new year. We weren't actually supposed to go there because originally we planned on going on a picnic at Tagaytay but since there were like a lot of people there we decided not to.

I don't know if it's a new year thing but there was a Bazaar going on to which my mom and I were happy about but my dad and brother weren't because then they would have to stand around waiting for us to finish roaming around.

I saw that they were mostly selling girls stuff like bags and clothes, iPhone cases (the designs were more feminine), sandals, etc.

I got these two bags for only PHP 500 (around $10.01). Like any other sling bags, they're just the right size for only bringing your wallet, phone, and some of your essential things. I really recommend these bags for those of you who only brings minimal essential things, and for those of you who likes sling bags.

You can actually remove the sling on the green bag and use it as a small tote bag which is cool. I love the second bag since it goes with any casual outfit of mine.

This actually has a belt, I forgot to include it on the picture. At first I thought this was a button up shirt but upon discovering that it had a belt I realized it wasn't (not to mention it was kind of long for a button up shirt).

This is a button up dress, I don't know if that's actually a thing, that I got for PHP 400 (around $8). I got this one because I liked the pattern and it looked super comfortable and it would go with any foot wear.

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