Watercolor Palette Review | Prang Watercolor Set Dupe?

4:09 AM

Hey guys!

So I've been getting into art recently ever since I started watching art videos on YouTube, specifically HulloAlice. Her videos inspired me to pick up a paper and pencil to draw again. I'm not really an artist, I'm just a mere beginner as you can tell from the picture above but I am looking forward to improve my art skills.

I noticed that a lot of YouTube artist are good at watercolor painting, including HulloAlice, and so I decided to start using watercolor as my first medium as well. I noticed that I wasn't good at markers or using color pencils in coloring to begin with so who knows I might have a chance with this one.

As I was looking for some good quality watercolor palette, I stumbled upon Prang Watercolor Set and got really excited because I saw some YouTubers use it and my friend, who is an artist herself, recommended it to me as well because it was that good. But when I saw the price I got really upset because it was out of my budget, National Bookstore was selling them for PHP 459 (about $9.13). I don't know if it's inexpensive for you guys but here in the Philippines it is already on the expensive side for a watercolor set but it's probably worth it for those who are really really into watercolor painting.
I really wanted to buy some watercolor set that day so I went to look for some other brand and found this set recommended to me from the lady in the store. She said it was a dupe for the Prang Watercolor Set so I got really excited and they were selling it for PHP 89 (about $1.77) which I was happy about.

I got myself a brush as well for PHP 52 (about $1.03) because I knew the brush that the watercolor set comes with isn't that good in terms of quality.

Here are the swatches of the colors. As you can see they are really not that pigmented and it is absolutely not a dupe for the Prang Watercolor Set. I was happy that it was affordable for a beginner like me but was quite disappointed that it wasn't pigmented enough. But nonetheless I will make it work somehow, I will be using this 'till I get the watercolor set that I really want so wish me luck!

I really like how the purple, mint green, and light blue color had came out.

That is it for today thanks for reading!

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